MechaShark8 - Casual Fish Game


◆◆ This is a fantastic undersea tunnel ◆◆
A beautiful and fantastic undersea tunnel expressed in 3D is the stage of the game.
"Mecha Shark" rescues those who are left behind while going through an undersea tunnel in the deep sea.
There are various obstacles in the undersea tunnel, but some of them can be destroyed by the missiles implemented by the "Mecha Shark".
Sometimes, like a shooter, let's proceed while destroying obstacles.

◆◆ Unique "Mecha Shark" ◆◆
There are 8 "Mecha Sharks" that can be operated, selected from popular sharks.
At first, only Great white sharks can be used. However, you can release other "mecha sharks" by rescuing many people in the game.
In addition to the difference in appearance and size, the number of missiles is also different.
Let's try various "Mecha Sharks".

- Great white shark
- Smalltooth sand tiger
- Whale shark
- Tiger shark
- Lemon shark
- Hammerhead shark
- Leopard shark
- Megalodon

◆◆ Simple operability ◆◆
By tapping and holding the screen in the direction you want to move, "Mecha Shark" will move.
Tap and hold the missile icon at the bottom left of the screen to shoot the missile.
Missiles have a limited number of bullets, but you can replenish them by acquiring items that have fallen into the undersea tunnel.